18th and 21st Birthday Celebrations

We have extensive experience in catering for 18th and 21st birthday celebrations. When we meet with you to discuss your son or daughter’s party we will want to discuss a number of things. The more common questions would revolve around the following topics.

  • Where will you hold it, at your home, a restaurant or a venue?

Your home is more personal and cheaper, however may be disruptive to neighbors.
Is it big enough, how many people will it accommodate?
A restaurant removes disruption to your home and neighborhood however is a more expensive option

A venue removes disruption to your home and neighborhood and is a less expensive alternative to a restaurant.

  • Do you need security?
  • Will there be speeches?
  • Do you want a birthday cake?
  • How will you control the issues of underage drinking and the legal implications?
  • What entertainment or music do you need? Do you want a DJ, band or karaoke machine?
  • Do you need or want to arrange for a bus to take the guests to the city or another venue at the end of the party?
  • How much food and what style of menu; cocktail, buffet or formal, is most suitable?
  • How much and what alcohol will we serve?

We can offer you a package that addresses all of the issues mentioned above in your home or a venue. Call us on 9144 7461 for details, a no obligation meeting and quote.