How We Work

At Buffets Galore & More we will use our vast experience and contacts to ensure your event runs without a hitch. We have the experience to anticipate the issues and have contingencies in place to counter them. The way we do things ensures that nothing is left to chance.

When you ring us we will ask a series of questions that will give us a picture of the event you are organising. The next step would be to send you some general information and menus and arrange a follow up no obligation meeting. We find the best results are obtained if we meet at your venue if one has already been selected otherwise we will come to your home or office. At this meeting we will ask you a multitude of questions designed to paint a picture for us of the way you see your event running. This often prompts you to consider things that you had not yet thought of. We are good listeners and will help you to make your event happen the way you envision it will.

Following this meeting we will prepare a no obligation detailed and itemised quote. This will also identify those areas that you may have chosen to take responsibility for and our understanding of the arrangements and timing details. These details are often fine-tuned as our initial meeting generally prompts a lot of thought and new ideas or answers appear.

During the event we will use our experience and expertise to ensure that everything runs smoothly even when the bride arrives 30 minutes late or the guests speaker runs on for too long. We will quietly adapt behind the scenes to ensure your guests don’t even notice.