Schools & Sports Clubs

We understand the needs of schools and sporting clubs to be different to other organizations. There are often tight budgetary constraints with parents or club members being continually asked to pay for this or that or to support this good cause or another. We also understand that there are often volunteers that want to be involved to help keep costs down. We are happy to work with you to tailor a package that will suit you; whether it be a sausage sizzle, Year 12 formal or the end of season dinner and presentation night.

When planning School formals organizers often need to consider the following issues.

  • Where will you hold it, at the school or a venue?
    • The school has significance and memories and generally does not charge for the use of its facilities. This is also a convenient location for all and generally allows parents and helpers ample time to decorate the hall.
    • A venue will allow more room if the school hall is not large enough and removes any issues of breakages and damage to school property. The use of a venue will add a sense of occasion to the event.
    • Do you need security?
    • Does the event have a theme?
    • What style of decorations will be needed?
    • Will the students wear school uniform or not?
    • How will you control the issues of underage drinking and the legal implications?
    • What entertainment or music do you need? Do you want a DJ, band or karaoke machine?
    • Do you need special lighting or a PA?
    • Do you need or want to arrange for a bus to take the guests to the city or another venue at the end of the party?
    • How much food and what style of menu; cocktail, buffet or formal, is most suitable?
    • How much and what beverages will be served?

We can tailor a package designed around your individual requirements. Call us on 9144 7461 for details, a no obligation meeting and quote