Weddings & Engagements

When we meet to discuss your wedding arrangements we will ask you many questions to both inform us and prompt you to consider all aspects of the organising and planning. We often find we ask questions that you have not even thought about.  Some of the areas we will cover will include the following.

  • Where will you hold it, at your home, a restaurant or a venue

Your home is more personal, filled with memories, and enables you to control every aspect of the event.

A restaurant removes disruption to your home and neighbourhood however is a more expensive option and may limit the number of guests.

A venue still allows you to tailor most, if not all, aspects of the event. It also allows for more guests to be invited and for a more formal seating arrangement with all of your guests in one place.

A marquee in a park or garden can be a very romantic setting.

A charter boat is a great opportunity to capitalise on Sydney’s beautiful waterways.

  • Flowers, for you and your bridal party as well as for decoration and table settings?
  • Do you need hire cars or a bus to transport the bridal party to the function or guests from the ceremony to the reception and back?
  • What entertainment or music do you need, a band, a string quartet, a soloist, a DJ?
  • Is a PA and sound system required and what size?
  • Have you selected a MC?
  • What style of menu suits your style, venue and time of day; cocktail, buffet or formal?
  • What beverages would you like to be served and how much would be required?
  • The overall timing and running order of the day.
  • Will it be a church wedding or a celebrant ceremony?
  • Do you have a photographer or video cameraman?
  • How long will to break between ceremony and reception be and what will your guests do during this time? Have you allowed sufficient time for photographs and do you have locations for photographs in both fine and inclement weather?
  • Who will be making speeches, how many and how long will they be?
  • Will you be dancing a traditional bridal waltz? Do you need lessons?

We can offer you a package that addresses all of the issues mentioned above in your home or a venue. Call us on 9144 7461 for details, a no obligation meeting and quote.